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On this page find all answers in regards to live casino dealer games in Canada. I want to show you which table games you can play with real dealers besides roulette and blackjack and which studios provide the most atmospheric streams. I have selected the best live casinos for Canadian players. For this purpose, I have evaluated criteria such as the number of tables and game variations as well as the table limits.

The best live dealer casino Canada in comparison

For my extensive live casino test, I looked at many providers and compared them with each other. My goal was to present you the recommended providers as clearly as possible. The most important comparison criteria for the best live casinos can be found in the list below. By the way, I will go into more detail below about my evaluation in each casino review.

I have consciously decided to name only a few providers in the following top list. If you want more choice besides my top 5 live casinos, you can choose an internet casino with live dealers for certain table games or look at the list of all live casinos at the bottom of the page.

The best live casinos are characterized by a comprehensive range of games, which includes the classics, such as Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat, as well as some special games such as Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker or Sic Bo. In addition, the very best providers score points with various unique selling points that give them a decisive advantage over their competitors. Often only nuances were decisive in determining which providers made it into the top 5. My research also revealed that the general standard of online gaming at real tables is now very high throughout. The complete list of all the live casinos I have tested can be found further down on this page.

Live casino games

Unlike many slot machine games, there are unfortunately no free Live Dealer demos available for the best casino live games. To give you an impression of how the current live online casino games work and look, I have created a short video for you. Just click on it to watch!

Advantages and appeal of live games

Apart from that, the main advantage of playing live games with real dealers is certainly the flexibility in terms of time and space that they offer. Of course, there are also some weaknesses and disadvantages that I will discuss in more detail below on this page. In addition, I have collected some interesting facts about playing in regular casinos in Canada for you.

How I found the best live casino?

In addition, it was important to me in my live casino comparison that the live dealers are experienced and competent, but also friendly and charming. I also looked very closely at the operators with which the live casinos work together to offer their live casino games. Apart from the setting and atmosphere, this also involves technical issues, such as the stability and quality of the streams. Finally, I looked at whether the individual casinos could score with special features and unique selling points.

So in principle I proceeded in a very similar way, as with my recommendations for the best online casinos. If you follow the link, you will learn more about my comparison criteria for online casinos in Canada.

The most important live dealer games and their characteristics

The first live casinos only offered the classic table games roulette, blackjack and baccarat in a few standard variations. Due to their unbroken popularity, these classics still form the core offer of most providers today. However, nowadays there are often additional variants, and new casino games such as Casino Hold’em, Three Card Poker or Sic Bo. Anyone who wants to play live in online casinos from Canada today has a greater choice than ever before. In the following overview I have compiled all the important titles for you, including the numerous sub-variants.

In the next few sections I will go into detail about the most important and best games and their variations that can be played live in an online casino. If you are particularly interested in certain game, you can click on it. You will then be taken immediately to the corresponding section on this page, where I will deal with it in detail.

Live Roulette

Roulette is a true classic, which benefits to a particularly high degree from a successful implementation at real tables. As Live Dealer Roulette is very popular, most Internet casinos provide several gaming tables, which at best cover all variations of the original game. In any case, French Roulette is consistently one of the two main variants of the game. The other main variant, American Roulette with double zero, is less common.

However, many players prefer the French variant anyway, as the house advantage of the casino is lower here. While the payout ratio in French Roulette is between 97.3% for multiple chances and 98.65% for single chances, the payout ratio in American Roulette is a comparatively meager 94.84%. If you would like to take a closer look at this fascinating game, I warmly recommend my large special page on online roulette.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular of all card games of chance in the world, so you’ll find a variety of tables to try your luck at in all live casinos. Similar to Live Casino Roulette, there are usually only a few variations of this table game available. Most often you will find the classic variant, which is usually simply called Live Blackjack. Usually, you can double your bets (Double Down), split your hand (Split) or insure yourself against Blackjack from the Online Casino Live Dealer (Insurance).

In addition, there are often side bets where you can bet on specific game constellations. An example of this is the Perfect Pair side bet, where you bet that your first two cards will be identical. If you are successful in betting on a colour pair (e.g. Queen of Diamonds and Queen of Hearts) or a shuffled pair (e.g. Queen of Diamonds and Queen of Spades), your winnings will be paid at a ratio of 12:1 or 6:1.

For the 21+3 side bet, you are betting that your first two cards and the dealer’s face up card will result in a special combination, such as a set of three with an identical symbol (Suited Trips). Some live Blackjack games do not score with clever rule changes, but instead rely on a particularly exuberant atmosphere at the table. This variant is usually known as Blackjack Party. In general, the payout odds in Blackjack are very high, and those who play optimally in the basic variant have a theoretical chance of winning 99.53%!

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is another classic card game that you can play live in almost any casino. Allegedly invented in Naples in the 16th century, Baccarat is now very popular mainly in Asia. In the classic Chemin de Fer variant you play against the other players, while in the Punto Banco game everyone plays against the bank. In the Live Dealer Casino today, the Punto Banco variant is almost exclusively found. Similar to Blackjack, Baccarat also offers various additional betting options. Widespread are the bets on pairs or on large and small cards.

In Baccarat Squeeze, the process of revealing cards is celebrated with a small ritual, which some live casinos capture in slow motion and from different camera perspectives. The mostly female dealers bend and fold the cards with their perfectly manicured hands and fingers, so that you can guess the value of the card even before the actual revealing. Of course, the whole thing is captured on film in close-up.

Anyone who has ever played live Baccarat knows that the numerous statistics displayed are very important. The fact that these can be optimally displayed live in an online casino certainly contributes to the huge success of this game. For many players, the shapes and patterns that emerge over the course of several games are what make Baccarat so appealing.

Interpreting these and orienting one’s betting behaviour towards them is widespread among the numerous friends of Baccarat. Unfortunately, I cannot go into further detail at this point. You can find a very good description of this phenomenon (in English) if you follow the link.

Texas Hold’em

Most online casinos have long since offered many more games than the three classics described. Casino Hold’em is an extremely popular poker variant, which is accordingly in hardly any live casino with real dealers missing. Remember, in Casino Hold’em Poker, all players play against the dealer’s hand at the same time.

The number of players is therefore theoretically unlimited. However, the game itself is no different from the regular online casino. The first thing you need to do is to place an ante in order to participate in the game and receive your starting cards.

After the dealer reveals the first three community cards (flop), you decide to either continue playing your hand (call) or fold. If you fold, your first ante bet is lost. If you want to continue playing, you must place another bet on the ante. The last two community cards (Turn and River) are then revealed. The dealer then turns over his own cards and the hands are compared.

Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is one of the latest live casino games. It combines the excitement of poker with the speed of other casino games. As the name suggests, the poker hand here consists of only three cards instead of five as in the starting game. As a result, the probabilities for certain combinations differ. In three card poker, three of a kind is more valuable than a straight, which is more valuable than three flushes. In my experience, the betting limits for this game are between 1 and 5,000 CAD.

Sic Bo

In general, live casinos hardly offer any dice games. One of the few exceptions is Sic Bo, which can sometimes be found under the name Hi Lo. In Sic Bo you place your bets on a table similar to roulette. But the special feature of the game is the way the dice fall. The three dice lie under a glass dome, which remains closed during the entire game. For a roll, the croupier only has to press a button. The floor on which the dice lie vibrates strongly and the dice fly wildly around. The betting limits range from 2 to 10,000 CAD.

Is there a special Live casino bonus?

To answer the question directly –  pure live casino welcome bonus is currently only available at a few casinos. In my opinion, the current best can be found directly below this paragraph. For live casino bonuses is the same as for all other bonus offers of the casinos. Read the bonus conditions carefully and then decide whether it is worthwhile for you to accept the offer! In the following, I will go into the most important points very briefly.

With the deposit bonus, casino operator increases your deposits once or several times up to the defined bonus limit. Most bonus offers are a so-called match bonus of 100%, i.e. the casino will double your deposit amount. Before the deposit bonus is paid out, you must first clear it at most casinos, i.e. the payout is tied to certain turnover requirements. Experience has shown that this is usually between 10 times and 40 times your deposit amount. A no deposit bonus is offered by casinos only in very rare cases.

You have the best chances to get it with providers that are fresh on the market and aggressively solicit new customers. If you like to play in a live online casino, you should of course pay special attention to whether you can also use the bonus amount in the live games. You can find out how to check a bonus offer in my detailed bonus review of the LeoVegas Casino.

While looking for the best live casino bonus, you should not neglect the other offers of the casino providers. These include all VIP and loyalty programs, promotions and even special live events. Very many casinos offer you in some form of loyalty program. Most of the time, you’ll earn loyalty points from the first game on, which you can exchange for real money.

If you play regularly, you’ll quickly rise to a higher status and receive better conditions. As a VIP, you can enjoy personalised customer service at many casinos. VIPs often have special bonus offers and monthly prize draws.

In addition, there are special gaming tables only for VIPs and sometimes even invitations to exclusive live events. This can be combined with a trip to Las Vegas, for example! There are almost no limits to the fantasy of the casino providers when it comes to special offers. Often there are tournaments and free spins for certain machines. Or you get a small bonus if you play on certain days or at certain times. If you want to know more about the bonus offers, I recommend my detailed overview of the bonus offers of online casinos.

Do the live games work on mobile devices?

Online casinos are experiencing more and more hits from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This also benefits the live casino sites. Thanks to ever faster Internet connections, live casino apps with HD streams are no longer a problem. A distinction is made between so-called web apps and dedicated apps. The latter are usually available for the two market-dominating mobile operating systems Android (e.g. Samsung, LG or Huawei) and iOS (Apple iPhone & iPad).

In the context of internet casinos, web apps are responsively programmed web pages (HTML5) that you can call up in the browser of your mobile device as normal. Web Apps are currently by far the most widespread solution for mobile gaming fun, de facto eliminating the need to provide download apps.

Although online casinos are expanding their offer in mobile area, you can not always play all the titles on portable devices. This also applies to the area of live games. The popular classic table games Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat are available throughout, but not in quite as many different variations as the desktop version. Nevertheless, the best live casino apps offer you far more than 100 different live tables, so most people will find what they are looking for. If you are especially interested in the Android and iPhone apps of the casinos, you should definitely take a look at my current ranking of the best casino apps.

What makes the live dealer stand out?

The dealers and croupiers usually greet you personally by name as soon as you take a seat at their table and join the game. You can easily communicate with the dealer at the table via chat, who will usually answer you directly through his microphone. By then you can be sure that the game is really live and hasn’t been recorded. Another advantage of the live dealer casino – you can see live and in color how the cards are shuffled and dealt or how the ball falls into one of the compartments in Roulette. This is much more concrete and comprehensible than if the random number generator determines the game result directly.

With the professionalism and friendliness of the live casino dealer, the gaming experience in Internet gaming halls is up and down. In both respects, I can report many good things at this point -major providers have quickly recognised the importance of these two points and are therefore investing a great deal in training their dealers. The professionalism of the live dealers is in no way inferior to their colleagues in the casinos.

They manage the games very confidently and attentively. Furthermore, they are quite approachable and they react very quickly and often very charmingly to your requests. Most of the live casino games are elaborately produced in special studios in Eastern Europe. The majority of the live dealers also come from these countries. Individual providers have additional branches in other European countries, e.g. Malta. All dealers speak at least good English, but some non-native speakers are sometimes not so easy to understand.

To give you a clear impression of what the Live Dealer Casino is like and who you can meet there, I will introduce you to some real dealers from the best casinos in the following info box.

Largest live game providers and their advantages / disadvantages

In the live casino industry, there are a large number of highly specialized service providers that offer online casinos both packaged and customized solutions for the live gaming industry. Besides the actual production of the table games and the selection and training of suitable dealers, the live casino providers also take care of the software connection to the casinos and technical issues such as the stability and quality of the live streams.

In some cases, they even handle the payment transactions. In most cases, online casinos rely on the games and services of a single provider. If two casinos work together with the same provider, the choice of games is often very similar. Also with regard to the number of tables offered and the betting limits there are then hardly any differences. The online live casino comparison also shows that some Internet casinos go one step further and set up specially branded live casinos in cooperation with the providers. Accordingly, the tables, the clothing of the dealers and the gaming equipment are then adapted to the brand of the casino, such as in the 888 Casino.

However, I have noticed clear differences when looking at the range of games and the overall quality of the individual providers. In the following sections I will introduce you to the most important live casino providers on the market. I look at the unique selling points of the individual providers and briefly analyze the individual strengths and weaknesses.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming stands like no other provider for a high-quality online casino live experience and the best casino live games. The Swedish company has been successful in the market since its foundation in 2006 and today counts almost 150 online casinos among its customers. You can find live games from this manufacturer at many of the industry’s major players, e.g. in the 888casino Live area, in the BetVictor Live Casino or at the CasinoClub Live Dealer games. Meanwhile, Evolution operates eight Live Casino Studios worldwide and employs more than 4,500 people at various locations (3,500 of them in Riga alone, where the largest production facilities are located). The company has been listed on the stock exchange since 2015.

Evolution owes its leading position primarily to its truly comprehensive range of table games. There are 13 different Live Dealer Roulette variants alone. Among them are the multiple award-winning Immersive Roulette and, as a novelty, the extremely elaborately designed Live Lightning Roulette. Under the label Dual Play Roulette Evolution offers Live Streams from well-known casinos, e.g. from the Hippodrome Casino in London.

In Blackjack I counted five different titles and game options. In the Baccarat category there are eight live games to choose from, including Baccarat Squeeze of course and the more interactive Baccarat Control Squeeze. Casino Hold’em and Three Card Poker are also represented. Various versions of Live Dream Catcher, Live Caribbean StudPoker and Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em complete the impressive portfolio, in which only Sic Bo is missing.

Another highlight are the numerous progressive jackpots that Evolution offers its casino customers as an additional option. All table games are offered with English-speaking dealers as standard, but as an extra, many games are also available in numerous other languages. The dealers are characterized by a particularly high degree of professionalism and commitment. In this respect, too, Evolution sets the standard by which all competitors must be measured. Even my best live casino relies on the service of this livestream producer.

Also technically Evolution Gaming clearly plays in the top league. The streams are available in crystal clear HD quality and in my experience they run very stable. If you play in a live casino provided by Evolution, you can always see at the top right corner of the screen with how many frames per second and in which bit rate the stream is currently running. Another technical aspect is the perfect mobile implementation of the Evolution Live games.

All games with real dealers of the provider are available with an English user interface and detailed explanations, so that you can use the games very easily. Technically, the implementation is carried out via a so-called overlay, which can usually be found at the bottom or right edge of the screen or is projected directly onto the seating tables.

Most of the online casinos I have tested rely entirely or partially on the offer of the market leader. Some providers that realize their live casinos with Evolution, I have already mentioned above. If you want to read how exactly individual casino providers have implemented the live games of Evolution, take a look at my live reviews of the Karamba Casino, the Royal Panda Casino, or the Betway Casino.


The name Playtech might be familiar to some of you. Founded in 1999 in Tartu, Estonia, Playtech is now the largest software company in the online casino industry. In total, there are more than 600 casino games on offer. Playtech operates several live casino studios, the largest of which is located in Riga, as with competitors of Evolution Gaming. The company employs more than 5,000 people worldwide and has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2006.

As expected, the provider covers most areas with its live casino online games. Playtech, however, remains quite clearly behind its competitor Evolution. There are more than ten different Roulette variants, including the popular Prestige Roulette. The exclusive title Age of the Gods Roulette, similar to the Live Reel Roulette mentioned above, adds a special bonus bet and jackpot to the traditional game.

Playtech picks up elements from the machine game series of the same name. I have linked one of them, Age of the Gods: God of Storm Slot, for you. Live Blackjack is available as Grand or Ultimate variant. The Baccarat offers are decent, here you can choose from five variations including Baccarat Squeeze. Casino Hold’em is represented as well as Sic Bo, which here runs under the name Hi-Lo. At least in this category, Playtech clearly stands out from Evolution.

Three Card Poker is unfortunately not available. Playtech offers most of its games in different languages. The English-speaking dealers offer no cause for criticism, they are on an equal footing with their colleagues from the major competitors in every respect.

The highlight of Playtech’s live game offering is clearly the so-called Multi Window option, which allows you to play on up to three tables simultaneously. This can be several tables from the same game category, but you can also try your luck at different games at the same time.

Playtech was quick to recognise the trend towards playing on the go and, in their own words, is making great efforts to make the mobile gaming experience as good as possible. With success: Almost all live games are available in really well implemented mobile versions, which usually scale completely without problems on the different end devices.

The quality of the streams is consistently good, but in my experience the stability is not quite as good as that of the best competitors, especially during the evening rush hours. From my point of view, starting the live games in the browser on the PC is a bit unfortunate, because every game is opened in a new browser window. At least for me, this becomes quickly too confusing with several open windows. It would be better to start the game in the same tab and to be able to close it again. Two providers who rely on Playtech in the live area are Betfair and Eurogrand.

Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment, short NetEnt, was founded in Stockholm in 1996. Today the company employs more than 700 people at its various locations in Europe and the USA. Since 2007 Net Entertainment shares are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Net Entertainment has only been offering live casino games since 2013. The Swedish manufacturer is also exceptionally focused in this business segment: Under the label NetEnt Live, the company focuses all activities on bringing live games to smartphones and tablets. This strategy seems very promising to me because, as I have already stated above, the importance of playing games on mobile devices is growing all the time. According to the manufacturer, NetEnt Live supports 25 different languages and currencies.

Unfortunately, however, we will not reveal which exactly these are. In the casinos I have tested, which rely on NetEnt in their live area, English dealers were well trained. The games portfolio is comparatively manageable at the moment. It only includes Roulette and Blackjack. A little special feature of Roulette: Here you can place your bets just like in a classic casino while the ball is already rolling. The advantage in Common Draw Blackjack: In this variant, the number of possible players at the table is unlimited, so you can always find a seat and play immediately. Usually there are several tables with different betting limits. The NetEnt games are among the offers with the highest betting limits, so in VIP Live Roulette you can risk up to 75.000 CAD.

No matter which game you choose or which table you sit at: In my opinion, NetEnt is currently at the forefront of staging the games. The live online casino dealers present the games against very tasteful backgrounds, which look a little more natural, spacious and simply more pleasant than many of the studio backdrops you would normally find.

While this is admittedly a matter of taste, NetEnt objectively lags far behind the competition in terms of the number of games on offer, especially behind the market leader Evolution. I have only had good experiences with the friendliness and professionalism of the English-speaking donors.

In Live Blackjack, you will immediately like the tidy user interface, which also shows you the last ten dealer hands and some game statistics. In NetEnt Live Roulette, however, I think the betting table takes up too much space. Both remarks refer to the desktop version, if you play from a tablet or even a smartphone, this small point of criticism is omitted.

There is nothing to criticize in the quality of the crisp and sharp HD streams. Three bars at the lower right edge of the screen provide information about the connection speed, similar to the reception bars on a smartphone. They are usually filled in completely. I have already tested some live casinos with NetEnt games in detail. Besides the Vegas Hero Casino, Mr Green, for example, also bets on the Swedish provider.


As far as you can speak of primitive in a young industry like iGaming, Microgaming definitely belongs to it. Already in 1994 the company, based on the Isle of Man, developed the first online casino software, in 2004 Microgaming launched the first software solution especially for live casino games. Today more than 100 online casinos use the provider’s live dealer software. However, these are now exclusively casinos that operate their businesses outside of Europe.

In September 2015, Microgaming entered into a strategic partnership with Evolution Gaming, as a result of which Microgaming’s European live casino customers gradually switched to the market leader’s live games. Click here to read the press release. This also seems to be the reason why the infamous games from the Playboy Live Dealer Casinos have not been available for some time. The lightly dressed and always good-humored dealers in bunny outfits were a unique selling point of Microgaming.

To be honest, I don’t feel too sorry for the provider, because the technical implementation always lagged a bit behind the competition. The video stream had a slightly worse quality and the tables and dealers were often not optimally lit. In addition, I was always irritated by the oversized playing cards, which despite all the good recognizability still seemed a bit unusual. I also still have the annoying beeping of the scanner in my ear, which sounded exaggeratedly loud with every card drawn.

Other live gaming providers

After I have introduced you to the most important and well-known live game providers, I would now like to show you to various smaller manufacturers, some of whom occupy very interesting niches and bring some special games to the start. If you are already thirsty for knowledge, you can skip the next sections and get to my comparison of payment methods in Canadian live casinos.

Pragmatic Play (formerly Extreme Live Gaming)

Extreme Live Gaming was founded in 2013 as a subsidiary of the Austrian Novomatic AG and focuses exclusively on live casino games. The offer includes the classics Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat in various variations. Of particular importance in the English -speaking countries were the Reel Roulette tables, which combine the game of the cauldron with the popular Novoline slot machines such as Book of Ra.

Under the label LIVEBox the provider streams live from gaming tables in real casinos, e.g. the Casino Admiral in Gibraltar, where you can play online in real time. With effect from 26 June 2018, the Maltese company Pragmatic Play has taken over the entire livestream business of Extreme Live Gaming.

Both parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. Unfortunately this also meant the end of the Novoline Reel Roulette tables. One casino where you can play many live games from Pragmatic Play is the 14Red Casino.

Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming is on the market since 2010. Today, the company has its very extensive portfolio of games for live dealer casinos, which includes poker, sic bo, craps and Dragon Tiger in addition to the three classics. In addition, the provider, like NetEnt, places great value on a successful mobile live casino experience. The technical implementation is based on HTML5.


XPG is a young company from Slovakia that operates Casino Live Studios in Bulgaria and Moldova. In comparison to the top dogs, XPG’s live games offer is even more comprehensive: In addition to the indispensable games of Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat, there is also Caribbean Stud Poker and Multiplayer Poker, as well as Dragon Tiger, Wheel of Fortune and Andar Bahar, which is extremely popular in India.

Portomaso Gaming

The Maltese provider specializes in live streams from the name-giving Portomaso Casino and the Oracle Casino, both located on the Mediterranean island. Of course you can place your own bets online at various live casino roulette tables as well as at a Punto Banco table. An interesting detail: In Roulette, the La Partage rule is applied here, so that when you bet on the simple odds, you only lose half of your bets when the zero is hit. The payout rate increases from 97.3% to 98.65%. Since November 2015 the company has been working with LeoVegas Casino, among others.

Lucky Streak

Lucky Streak has been offering live casinos the three classic games Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat since 2014. Especially friends of Baccarat should look for a casino that works together with Lucky Streak. I have only found a few other providers similar. At the JellyBean Casino you can bet up to 12,500 CAD at individual Baccarat tables.

Authentic Gaming

The Maltese company focuses on an extremely interesting market niche: It transmits elaborately produced live streams from renowned casinos and at the same time gives you the opportunity to participate in the games in real time from your computer or smartphone. One provider that cooperates with Authentic Gaming is LeoVegas. There you will find, among other things, a live roulette table streamed from the Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard, Connecticut, in ultimate 4K quality.


The company, which is based in the Asian gambling hotspot Macau, says it can look back on over 40 years of experience in the gambling industry. For more than 15 years HoGaming has been on the market with its own Live Dealer Software. In two live casino studios in the Philippines, a total of 20 gaming tables are available, half of which are dedicated to Baccarat. In addition, there are, unsurprisingly, some roulette and blackjack variations. Of course, an Asian provider cannot afford to be without Sic Bo and Dragon. According to its website HoGaming works together with BetVictor Casino, among others. But there I could not find any tables from HoGaming in the live game area. During my research I got the impression that the company is mainly active on the domestic Asian market.


Ezugi from Israel has been stirring up the live games market since 2013. Today the company counts more than 100 online gambling providers from all over the world among its customers. Ezugi operates three live casino studios in Europe and a corresponding facility in Colombia. In its self-portrayal, the company particularly emphasizes the numerous possibilities of individualization for its gaming tables. The gaming offer itself can only be described as complete. A real unique selling point is the Live Keno Lottery including live drawings, which I have not encountered in this form at any other provider. You can find Ezugi games for example in the live area of Playamo.

Visionary iGaming

Visionary iGaming offers a variety of services for operators of live dealer casinos. Founded in 2007 and based in Costa Rica, the company offers the usual classics. They are especially proud of their proprietary development Live Blackjack Early Payout, which has a very high RTP of 99.5%. Following the industry trend, Visionary iGaming also plays a prominent role in the live mobile casino sector. Like most of its competitors, the provider relies completely on HTML5 technology.


Founded in Lithuania in 2012 and still based in Vilnius today, the company is committed to offering exceptionally easy to use and attractively designed live games. BetGames.TV now offers a total of nine live games, including Bet-on-Poker and Bet-on-Baccarat. With Wheel of Fortune, a title is available whose conceivably simple game principle exemplifies the approach of this provider.

Games OS

The Riga-based Latvian company works closely with the Philippine company EntwineTech for its live dealer games. The games portfolio includes Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack in different variations. The latter two games, for example, are each available as big screen versions with additional betting features. Another feature: You can switch directly between two Live Dealer games without having to take the detour via the lobby. Baccarat is available in Traditional, Pair, Super and Premium versions.


Pariplay has been operating from Gibraltar since 2011. The company creates and distributes a wide range of online slot games, including video slots and scratch cards. In May 2016, Pariplay entered into a strategic partnership with Evolution Gaming, including all of the market leader’s live casino games (Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker and other table games) in its FUSION program. FUSION offers casino operators a variety of games from different manufacturers from a single source.


The Italian company Wirex has been active in software development since 2002. From the company’s own gambling platform, an own live casino platform emerged, which today enables live streams from numerous casinos around the globe. The broadcasts usually focus on the roulette tables. A traditional casino that cooperates with Wirex is the Casino di Venezia.

Media Casino

The company was founded in Malta in 2005 and is still based on the Mediterranean island. According to the company’s website, the live games offer includes a total of six roulette variations, two blackjack variations and Baccarat in three variations. Some of the games are streamed live from casinos in Malta, Italy and Slovenia. A few years ago, the BetVictor Casino, which has already been mentioned several times, bet on live games from Medialive. However, I am currently not aware of any online casino that uses the products and services of this company.

Market consolidation is progressing

In the course of my research on this Live Casino guide, I have gained the impression that in the area of live casino games, market consolidation is progressing rapidly. The most prominent example of this is certainly the fact that Microgaming is no longer an independent player in the European market. Many internet casinos, which in the past have worked with various smaller studios, now rely exclusively on the offerings of the market leader Evolution Gaming.

Actual Gaming and its parent company VueTec, which was one of the pioneers in this field, seem to have completely disappeared from the market. The fate of these two providers remains unclear, at the time of testing I could not even access their respective homepages. Genii and Casino Technology Interactive also no longer offer live games. Following the spectacular takeover of Rational Group in 2014, Amaya is now operating under the name The Stars Group and is fully focused on online poker tournaments.

Payment methods in Canadian live casinos

When choosing a suitable online casino, the question of the payment methods offered naturally plays a significant role. After all, you want to be able to make your deposits and have your winnings credited quickly and easily, but also securely and cost-effectively.

Common payment methods in Canada are the well-known credit and debit cards of Visa and MasterCard / Maestro. In addition, there are electronic purses such as Neteller, PayPal or Skrill. Furthermore, there are pre-paid cards such as Paysafecard. In addition to the traditional bank transfer, an increasing number of users are also considering crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum as a possibility for live casino payments.

Overall, I see the e-wallets as having a slight advantage, as you can use them to process both your deposits and withdrawals very quickly. This is not always the case with credit cards, Klarna and Giropay. Bank transfers offer this functionality, but it usually takes longer in both directions until the payments are booked.

The electronic purses also usually have acceptable limits. They are also among the cheapest providers in terms of fees. Unfortunately, some online casinos do not accept PayPal, probably the best-known e-wallet provider. The reasons for this and an overview of the providers where you can pay with PayPal, you can find on my special article about PayPal casinos.

How Live Casinos work?

The roles of the live game providers are treated as well as the roles of the online casinos themselves. It also explains how players can participate in live casino games and how they can communicate directly and in real time with the live dealers via chat. I have also touched on individual technical questions above. Nevertheless, I would like to show you here once again in more detail and explain how the transmission of the games actually works exactly.

It is obvious that the gaming experience in the Internet casinos with the quality of the streams and user interface stands and falls. Nowadays, we gamblers want to enjoy the casino atmosphere both in our own four walls on the computer and on the road on mobile devices without downloads and complicated operation. We want to be able to chat with players and dealers, place simple bets without mis-clicks and rely on the streams running stable. The effort put in by providers and casinos is considerable.

In the following I will go into more detail about what happens in the background to make our visitors’ stay as pleasant as possible.

Interesting details about the streams

In the development of games with real croupiers a lot has happened in the last years. In addition to the games themselves, the technology used in live casinos has also developed considerably after initial difficulties. The first streams were transmitted from real casinos. At that time, the biggest problems were often unfavourable viewing angles, lack of interactivity and poor card recognition.

The first two points are no longer a problem in times of special live casino studios, as there is no need to pay attention to guests walking around and the entire setup is optimized to ensure a clear view of the gaming tables and different camera perspectives.

In times of high-resolution streams the problem of relatively badly recognizable cards is also largely a thing of the past. However, in order to ensure the recognizability, some providers still enlarge the setting tableau and the colors and values of the cards. The staging of the games with slow-motions and close-ups is today on a completely different level than just a few years ago.

The video quality is nowadays usually specified as HD or better. My own live casino experience shows that these specifications are not always and everywhere correct. By default, the stream quality is regularly adjusted to the available internet connection.

The speed of your own line as well as the current load of the live gaming provider play a role. At peak times, e.g. in the evening or on weekends, the image quality may still decrease noticeably. To be fair, however, I must also say at this point that this is becoming increasingly rare in the course of technical progress. With slower connections you can manually increase the quality, but then you run the risk that the stream starts to jerk.

However, as I mentioned above, even with optimal bandwidth, there are clearly noticeable differences in the quality of the image provided. Obviously the best providers simply have a higher production effort.

It is similar with the sound quality offered, but this seems to me to be more related to the production circumstances. In some studios it is very restless and the gaming tables are very narrow. Sometimes background noise can be heard. Sometimes the comprehensibility of the dealer at your gaming table suffers from that. The live streams that are broadcast directly from the casinos are also struggling with the same problems.

In spite of the most modern compression methods, live games on the Internet quickly accumulate several hundred megabytes of data per hour. If you do not have a full mobile data flat rate, you should make sure that you are logged in to a WLAN when streaming with your smartphone or tablet.

Live dealer casino games: Detecting and preventing fraud

With the providers I test and recommend on my pages, you are safe from live casino fraud, because all Internet casinos I introduce and recommend to you, without exception, have an EU gambling license. The granting of such a license is linked to precisely defined legal requirements.

Even in their day-to-day operations, licensed online gambling operators are subject to strict requirements, compliance with which is continuously monitored by the state authorities of the issuing EU country. So if your regulated provider visits like my best live casino, manipulations are practically impossible. The reputable casino providers also take elaborate technical precautions to protect you from fraudsters.

The data transfers are encrypted and the sites have security certificates from renowned IT service providers. The current gambling license can usually be found at the very bottom of the online casino homepage. You can tell if the site is encrypted by the prefix “https” in the address bar of your browser.

Alternatively, you can click on the lock icon to confirm the security of the site. At another point I will go into more detail about how the providers can guarantee security. The live games with real dealers are even more transparent than e.g. a slot machine game, as all the decisive actions such as throwing the roulette ball or shuffling the cards take place live in front of your eyes.

You should not play live here

Once again: If you follow my recommendations, you are definitely on the safe side. In principle, I would like to leave it at that and call you only the reputable live casinos. Unfortunately there are also some dubious or simply criminal providers on the market.

First of all, the players who are victims of live casino rip-offs are rightly angry and insecure. Beyond that, the black sheep also damage the reputation of the entire industry. In order to avert damage in both respects, I have therefore decided to publish a black list of dubious providers at this point, from which I explicitly advise you against. There you should not play live games or other gambling.

My black list is primarily intended to spare you from bad disappointments. Currently the list is empty, but while I will continue to pick out the best live casinos for you, I will also look for bad providers.

General Terms and Conditions

On the Internet, you are generally often confronted with references to the terms and conditions of the site you are visiting. Often you just check the appropriate box and keep clicking. Such behaviour is not strange to me. Before you register with a Live Dealer Casino, you should take a look at the terms and conditions of the provider, which are often referred to as Terms and Conditions.

Be sure to read the passages about the Live Casino bonus and ask the customer service if you are unclear about anything. Unfortunately, too often live casino fraud is assumed simply because the terms and conditions of the casino site have been ignored. But a closer look at the fine print does not hurt either, because after all, some of you bet large amounts of money while gambling.

Attention: In case of doubt, the version in the official language of the country in which the casino is licensed always applies. Most providers are licensed in Malta or Gibraltar, so in practice the English language terms and conditions are the most important. My special articles on the terms and conditions of individual providers are very helpful for you to orient yourself. An example is my detailed analysis of the terms and conditions of Dunder Casino.

Canada live casino: latest developments

In the following, I will touch on further aspects of Live Casino Canada that I have only briefly or not mentioned so far. Some of them are aimed directly at providing you with further assistance in choosing the most suitable provider for your needs, others are more likely to provide you with additional background information. In addition, I would like to point out where and how you can keep up to date with the latest news about this site. Finally, you will also find my large overview of all Top Dealer Live Casinos.

Etiquette and Netiquette in Live Casinos

Treat the dealer and your fellow players as kindly and politely as you would like to be treated yourself! in the context of internet casinos, etiquette is not about dress code! Rather, you should always behave in a friendly, courteous and courteous manner with the dealer and any other players, for example in live roulette chat – just like in real life.

In the internet the term netiquette has become common. If you respect this, you will be a welcome guest with all live dealers. By the way, you can tip the dealers at some gaming tables. You should make use of this possibility if the dealer has fulfilled his task to your satisfaction.

New live casinos

The online gambling industry is characterized by an extraordinarily high degree of dynamism. New providers are constantly pushing onto the market, some of whom advertise for new customers with promising bonus offers and attractive welcome packages.

Many of these newcomers naturally also have a live gaming area. In my perception, however, the new live casinos only rarely offer real innovations. On the contrary: Since it is comparatively expensive to set up and operate this section, people like to save money here. Usually you will find the better live offer with the established providers. A good overview of the newest competitors is provided by my constantly updated selection of promising new casinos.

What’s wrong with live casinos?

Despite all the progress and effort made, it must be said that a live dealer casino can only simulate the visit and play in a traditional casino. It is in the nature of things that social interaction with the dealer and other players on the Internet in particular falls short of the immediate experience on site. In my opinion, however, both of these aspects are what make traditional casinos so attractive and charming. I myself still visit the time-honored casinos just as regularly as I used to.

Nevertheless: Canada’s best live casinos come surprisingly close to the gaming experience in a traditional casino. Online you are not bound to opening hours and you will always find a free seat immediately. For all, which do not want to renounce in principle the elevated atmosphere of a traditional house, I provided a special side over the most well-known and most popular gaming halls in Canada. Of course, this offer is also for those of you who play regularly in the live casino and want to visit a time-honored casino every now and then for a change.

Compared to live casinos, slot machines offer an even faster and more uncomplicated gaming experience. Also the new customer bonus can be better implemented at the slots. The digital table games also shine with more variety through innovative and rare variants such as Pinball Roulette and Blackjack Switch. The offer of the vast majority of online casinos naturally goes far beyond live games. Just take a look at what great online slot machines there are. Or you go specifically on the search for great jackpot games in which you can achieve enormous profits with a lot of luck.

Due to the complex streams, the live games generate very large amounts of data very quickly, so I strongly recommend that you use a WLAN connection for live games in general.

I will not hide these disadvantages from you, because my goal is to provide you with as much information as possible. My conclusion about the state of affairs at live casinos is, however, very positive overall.

Conclusion: Live Casinos still on the rise

The live casinos now meet the highest standards throughout – whoever plays here will have a lot of fun! Today, the best live casinos offer a gaming experience that in many respects is hardly inferior to that of a traditional casino. The reasons for this are, on the one hand, the rapidly advancing technical development.

The live streams over fast internet connections have now reached a quality and stability that until recently seemed unthinkable. On the other hand, there is a high level of competitive pressure among the providers, which constantly produces improvements and innovations. The Live Dealers operate in a highly professional manner throughout and the range of games on offer increasingly goes beyond the classics.

In addition to broadcasts from Live Casino Studios, live streams from famous casinos are becoming increasingly important, bringing you even closer to the immediate experience on location. The numerous advantages of playing live casino online games continue to exist, while the few weaknesses are constantly being further eradicated. Against this background, it is not surprising that the popularity of Live Dealer Casinos continues to grow.

The next milestone is already looming on the horizon: I can well imagine that the industry will experience the next big push as soon as VR technologies, which are still in their infancy today, finally reach market maturity.


What happens if the Internet connection is lost during live play?

The casinos keep a detailed record of the games. If there is a technical problem on the part of the provider or if the Internet connection is interrupted, the game will normally continue at the point where the problem occurred. Should this not be possible for any reason, you will of course get your bets back.

What is the difference between normal and private tables?

Normal tables may be played by customers of different live casinos that use the same provider (e.g. Evolution Gaming). Therefore, the normal tables are sometimes called network tables. In contrast, private tables are reserved exclusively for customers of a single online casino. The private tables are often adapted to the appearance of the respective casino (branded). Sometimes you will find especially well trained dealers, exceptionally high betting limits and other exclusive offers at the private tables.

How are winnings from live games treated for tax purposes?

Basically, all gambling winnings that you as a private individual make in an online casino with a valid EU license are tax-free in Canada. The amount of the winnings is irrelevant. However, any interest on your gambling winnings is subject to normal tax liability.