eCheck casino

eCheck is a payment method particularly popular in the USA and Canada. eCheck casino gives another option for deposits in gambling sites. Simply put, eCheck is nothing more than the digital form of an ordinary paper check. Therefore, eCheck is not a brand or a specific payment service provider, but simply the term used for electronic checks.

To send and receive money in eCheck casino in the USA or Canada, all you need is an ordinary bank account. As an alternative to eCheck, you can also use Instant Cheque or Electronic Cheque.

List of online casinos that accept eCheck

Information about eCheck casinos

eCheck are by no means a new payment method. Information to be provided when issuing an electronic check is the same as that required for a transaction by paper cheque. Payment is processed via the American ACH network.

The legal framework for the use of eChecks and paper checks is identical. One of the advantages of eChecks is that the transfer of money is practically in real time. There are no waiting time like with casino deposits via bank transfer. There are numerous online casinos that accept eCheck deposits which I specified above.

How to deposit with eCheck in the casino

Actually, casino does not receive the sent money until a few days later, however, a guarantee is issued in real time by the payment system, so casino operator can be sure to receive the money.

Thus, an eCheck practically works like a classic bank transfer; only faster. Since eChecks are only really popular in North America, this method of payment in Europe can best be compared to direct transfers à la Trustly.


eCheck cannot necessarily be considered the most secure of all payment methods. After all, sensitive bank data must be disclosed in order to issue an eCheck. While payments by credit card or electronic purse are always encrypted, this is not always the case with eChecks. In this respect, there is a risk that the data may be tapped on different casino sites.

In any case, one must always exercise caution with online transactions or online activities in general. Online casinos regularly become a target for attacks, as hackers hope to gain access to bank data, credit card information, etc. Therefore, one should always choose a complex password for access to online casinos.