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Welcome to, the number 1 comparison site for online casinos in Canada! With my reviews you will find the best online casino providers, the best bonus offers and most interesting casino games!

On this page you will find among other things:

Above online casino providers have proven to be the best. All of them are secure, trustworthy and suitable for Canadian players without exception. There are differences between these online casinos but minor, mostly in terms of the games or casino bonus. Other major comparison tests are on the topics of live games, mobile apps and bonus offers or payment methods. If you would like to have more details about the individual providers, simply click on the respective review with all the individual ratings.

The best online casinos Canada in comparison for 2024

In this brief overview you can already see some important criteria that make a good casino. In addition to the special features that most clearly distinguish the respective provider from others, the number of active players or the duration of the payout processing also provide a good insight. It is important, however, to clarify the legal situation before actually comparing the providers: in which casino can I play legally? You can find trusted providers in the complete list of online casino real money sites.

Top 10 criteria for online casino test

For our online casino guide, I have defined ten objective criteria with which I can look at and evaluate all aspects of a gambling provider. This starts simply with the selection of games, but also takes into account payment methods and possible fees, the software platform and the existing mobile phone app, the accessibility of customer service, the breakdown of payout rates, and bonus offers and promotions. Best online casinos pay particular attention to security, although a valid gambling license is not part of the evaluation, as it is a prerequisite for testing the casino at all. With the bonus points, I would like to mention some small things that are not part of the direct test, but should not go unnoticed, such as awards at international awards. Here find all test criteria at a glance:

Every online casino is evaluated according to these basis:

Games – Who has the best online casino games offers on the internet?

Only the games breathe life into a casino. Therefore, the game offer is the most important thing when it comes to finding the right provider. Unlike a casino, you should have different games available. By this I do not only mean slot machines, roulette or blackjack, but other interesting games of chance. You will also find several variants of each game online. In the world of the internet there are almost no technical limits and online gambling halls don’t need to worry about space requirements or personnel.

So you can find thousands of slot machines on the web. Large game manufacturers such as Microgaming or NetEnt alone already have several hundred in their product range. The best online casinos do not limit themselves to the European, French or American variants of roulette, but you will find many exciting and innovative games with Multi Wheel, Age of the Gods Roulette or Card Roulette. This of course also applies to Blackjack fans, who should definitely play Blackjack Switch or 21 Duel Blackjack. Here is an overview of the most important casino games:

Slot machines

They are indispensable in any casino and if you want to become the best online casino, you need a large selection of them. Starting as rattling one-armed bandits, modern slot machines online have reached a unique variety of variations.


Roulette is the epitome of casino games. Hardly anyone can escape the magic of the rolling ball. Online Roulette scores with high odds of winning and many exciting variations away from the original game.


My personal favorite among the wide range of games offered by the online casino. The high payout percentage speaks for itself and online blackjack still has the advantage of many different game variations.

Casino poker

Poker is very popular, as my casino comparison shows. Especially in the Live Dealer games you will find many variations that you play against the croupier and the bank. Casino Hold’em is probably one of the best known.

Video poker

If you play at the poker tables against other players and in casino poker against the croupier, virtual video poker is the third type of game. Here a random generator is at work and your goal is to achieve the most favorable card combination.


Baccarat is especially popular in Asia, but is also played more and more in Europe because of the live casinos.

Bingo & Keno

Both games unfortunately lead a shadowy existence in this country – wrongly so, because these games have much better chances of winning than the lottery. So I wish for the future, in the Canadian online casino more of it.

Scratch cards

Each of us has probably scratched off a scratch ticket at least once. Admittedly, online of course it feels different. But the top odds of winning and availability at any time make up for it by a mile.

Another genre that is becoming increasingly popular is the progressive jackpot slots. In this type of slot machine games, a certain percentage of each bet goes into a large casino jackpot. The casinos are networked worldwide and quickly accumulate really large sums. Thus, the probably most famous of all jackpot slots, Mega Moolah even made it into the Guinness Book of Records. The current record of the Jackpot Slots is almost 19 million euros.

But it is by far not the only one of its kind. The big names of the gaming manufacturers all have at least one in their portfolio. An overview of the million jackpots can be found here, thus that you always have an eye on the winning amount of the most important representatives.

The best online casinos pay attention to a balanced game offer. Here you will find both quantity and quality. Who offers many slot machines, should also offer a good selection of roulette or blackjack games. Scratch cards, Keno and video poker are also popular games in this country.

In a decent casino should not be missing dice games or bingo. In my tests of the casino sites I pay special attention to the fact that you play safely, the games have good chances of winning and offer you a nice and profitable gaming experience. In this online casino comparison, I have left out the live casino, because this game variant in a separate test category under the magnifying glass. The criteria for this segment are summarized:

Extra points for the game selection:

Points will be deducted for below:

When I have checked all offers here, I am always looking forward to the next item in my list. There I deal with the bonus that an online gambling library offers new players when they sign up. But also the rewards of the top online casinos for their existing customers are quite impressive.

What makes a good casino bonus

An exclusive welcome bonus plays another important role in choosing a good online casino, because it determines what bonus payments or free spins your first deposits are rewarded with. If you choose wisely, then you will enter the game with an advantage and can help your luck a little. It is a comprehensive topic and especially for players who have not yet had any online casino experience, should first deal with it in detail.

That’s why I have created a special overview page on the subject of deposit bonuses. There you can find the current list of the best bonus offers. There I also explain all the details you should know about these offers. At this point I would like to give you a very rough overview of what I have paid attention to when creating my online casino reviews and what you should consider if you want to accept such offers.

New customer bonus for a first deposit, welcome pack, free spins and other promotional offers are not gifts that customers can withdraw immediately upon receipt! The bonus credit is separate from the normal real money account! You can increase your game balance with these offers, but in order for the bonus to be paid out like normal real money, several conditions must be met. However, there are also one or two casinos with starting credit or many promotions for free casino spins.

A bonus code is usually not required, but may be used to choose between different deposit bonus options. Pay attention to possible differences in the terms and conditions. In my evaluation of the offers I have checked the fairness of the conditions and give you this information so that you can decide more easily whether you want to start with or without additional starting credit at one of my online casino test winners. Also, don’t forget to read what other promotions and rewards provider offers for existing customers. Here again all important bonus test criteria summarized:

Good bonus offers:

Deduction of points for

After looking around a bit in the world of bonuses, we want to come to a topic that many players don’t have on the screen at first. Why this is a mistake, I will show you in a moment. So be curious and learn the finer points of gambling so that you can achieve the best online casino success.

The best online casino needs high payout!

This point is an often underestimated topic. Although most players know that there are games that pay out more or less, but only a few know about it. That’s why there are wild speculations about when a slot machine pays out best. I’d like to shed some light on this and explain the most important things to you.

First, it’s good to know that the terms payout rate, payout percentage and RTP (Return to Player) all describe the same thing. But this information is used in two different contexts. Firstly, for each individual casino game there is the indication of the payout rate. This is a theoretical average value based on the rules of the game. The second indication is the actual payout rate of a casino in relation to a certain period of time. The values are given as a percentage and indicate how much of the stakes are paid out to the players. Here you will find typical payout odds of well-known and popular casino games.

Payout rates of the different casino games:

Are wondering how the casinos or even me come to these values? Well, first of all you can find this numerical value at good development studios like Microgaming or Playtech in the game instructions of the individual games. Strictly according to the motto, trust is good, control is better, there are various independent test institutes that determine the RTP on behalf of the state regulatory authorities and the casinos. So you can be sure that the test results are serious. Good values for games that are considered fair are beyond the 90% mark. As you can see in the table above, this range applies to the majority of online casino games. Especially compared to the payout rates of slot machines in the gambling houses, online casinos have the edge.

Now I would like to briefly discuss the topic of variance and also the distinction between payout rate and chance of winning. Variance is often mentioned in connection with slot machines. A slot with a low variance often ejects small winnings. A high variance, on the other hand, means that you get few but large winnings. The classic prime example of this is the jackpot slots.

Maximum values for:

What are the penalty points for?

In order to be able to enjoy the games with their high payout rates, it is important that the surroundings of the casino are right. I’m talking about the game interface and all the services like making payments or contacting the live chat. That is why good software is essential. That’s what the next section is about.

Software providers

The software in the background is one of the crucial components of the best online casinos and is also included in my test evaluation. The casinos do not develop it themselves, but it is provided by external development studios.

Here it is important to distinguish two areas. Firstly, the software that is necessary to keep the website of the online casino running. It regulates the registration, monitors the payments and provides the interface. On the other hand, it is the games themselves that a casino has to offer. Here it is decisive which game developers work together with the casinos. The game developers are often referred to as providers because the games run on their own servers and the players access them through the casino. Here you can find a list of the best casino software providers:

Play’n GO is the new rising star among the casino providers, whose gaming offer convinces with a great design. But there are many more manufacturers on the net like Gamomat (Bally Wulff), IGT, Pragmatic Play, Betsoft, Quickspin, Yggdrasil, Thunderkick, NextGen, iSoftBet, Greentube, Nyx Gaming, ELK, Blueprint, Red Tiger, WMS or Amatic to name but a few – you can find a good overview here on the online slots page.

Sometimes you will find the option to download a software yourself. This is limited to the Windows PC. The possibilities of the new web standards have almost replaced this option at the top online casinos. So you always have the option to play via web browser, even at the casinos that offer a download.

How do I rate the software of the casino? I divide this test area into two parts, casino software and game manufacturers. In the former, it is particularly important to me that everything is intuitive to use. With the games, the main focus is on selection, availability and connection security.

A good operator:

Negative points are

If a casino provider wants to be among the best online casinos in Canada, then he must be able to make it so that I can make a big catch for all the positive points.

Security & player protection

This point is very important to me personally. What it means to play with a dubious provider, I unfortunately had to experience myself in my early days. Likewise, player protection, i.e. taking precautions for responsible gaming, is one of my heart’s desire.

To move in the world of casinos should above all be fun and with a little luck still bring cash profits. The question of security and player protection covers several areas. Essentially, it is technical safety and the containment of the dangers of gambling addiction. In my test, I also check whether data protection is observed.

There are many different independent companies that are commissioned by the authorities to check casinos. Serious online casinos display the logos in their footer, i.e. at the bottom of the website, indicating which organisations they work with. Here you will find the most common institutions for security and player protection.

For the different aspects of casino security there are different organizations and companies that cooperate with the best online casinos. On the casino site you will therefore find one or more of the following logos:

If you know how, the connection security is also easy to test. If you go to the website information in your browser, the certificate is displayed there. If you take a closer look, you can also find out where it is issued and with which SSL encryption the providers work. Standard is currently a 256-bit encryption. If and how responsible gaming is guaranteed, you can see by looking at the options to set limits in your account and whether you can have your account blocked temporarily or completely for self-protection. The cooperation of casinos with self-help groups is also mandatory. Here you can often find institutions like GamCare, but also Canadian help services like the Anonymous Gamblers.

In summary, it is relatively easy to test whether and how a provider ensures security and player protection. If you need a somewhat clearer guideline, it’s best to follow my pros and cons.

Safe with:

Defective with

After this point has been processed, there is first of all a half-time break. Freshly strengthened, I will then tackle the other 5 categories. The next test candidate, the mobile app, is important to me as a passionate mobile phone user and I am always curious to see what I can find here.

Best Online Casinos for Android and iOS devices

Mobile phones have become our faithful companion. More and more players access casino offers via their smartphones. The game manufacturers and online gaming halls have quickly recognized the trend and started to adapt to it early on. In Canadian online casinos you can play mobile just as conveniently as on your home PC. Both the casino software and the games automatically adapt to the respective terminal. The good thing about it, you do not need to download an extra casino app, the mobile web browser is completely sufficient. Nevertheless, some online casinos offer a native app for Android smartphone and tablet or Apple mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. On my extra page about mobile casinos, you will find the best casino app in my opinion. For fast playing in your browser I recommend LeoVegas Casino.

This provider best meets my test criteria for mobile gaming. There I pay particular attention to the compatibility with smartphones and tablets and how many mobile games are available. Another aspect is how intuitively the platform can be operated via the mobile phone. Especially in this point the developers put a lot of effort into it and you can gamble comfortably on the go in the mobile browser, no matter if on the train or in the park.

Nowadays, no game is developed without making sure that it runs on every mobile without any problems. But what about the old classics? Here I can give the all-clear. The manufacturers have all made their blockbusters mobile phone friendly, so you can enjoy them on your smartphone. The games for mobile have been specially redesigned here. Finally, as usual, you will find an overview of the test criteria for Mobile Casinos apps.

Good mobile experience:

What doesn’t work so well?

I always look forward to the next test section in particular. Since the Live Casino was introduced, I have hardly ever been in a casino except on vacation or to complete and keep my list of casinos in Canada for you up to date. I simply enjoy playing with real people and the fact that I don’t have to set foot outside the door to do so.

The best online casino sites with live dealer games

The Live Casino is one of the great innovations of the last few years. Who has not yet come into contact with it. You play in a Live Casino against real croupiers. Thanks to fast Internet and the latest technology, you can do so quickly and in HD quality. The casino games like roulette, blackjack or baccarat are usually streamed from the studios of the providers. But you will also find live connections to real casinos, where you can place your bets. In my extra section you will find more information about the criteria for choosing an online live casino. A first taste and one of the best live casinos, you can find in Wildz casino.

Doing a live casino test is always connected with a lot of fun. First I look at which providers are in the boat. Almost always to be found is the market leader Evolution Gaming. But also the big industry giants NetEnt and Playtech offer a good selection. Smaller providers such as Ezugi also always come up with something to score against the strong competition.

Besides the game selection, I pay attention to the betting limit. There should be suitable limits for high rollers and low stakes. Then I evaluate the work of the croupiers. They usually do a professional job and are always available for a good saying. To make playing as pleasant as possible for you, there are often different camera perspectives that you can choose from. Here is my criteria catalogue of the most important points.

Top live casinos have:

What live casinos should avoid:

Now we have already ticked off many of the most important points. At least one is still missing, because if you want to win in the casino, you have to play with real money. In order for this to work, you first have to fill your gaming account. This is where payment providers come into play, with whom an online arcade works together. What I pay attention to here, so that your money arrives where it should go, you will find out now.

Availability of payment methods

Without a deposit, you are limited to the free demo games in the casino. If you would like to take advantage of a deposit bonus or play with your own money, you will need a payment service for the deposit. For this you have a large selection in reputable online casinos. In addition to Paysafecard casino, where you can pay anonymously, you will find Neteller, Skrill, Trustly casino and many other service providers. Strong in the coming are also Pay’n Play casinos, where you do not even have to register and can start playing faster. But also the good old bank transfer and credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. Nowadays, depositing is easy and fast. Here you get a quick overview of the most important payment methods:

In a casino review I first look at the selection of payment methods. Then I look at the limits for deposits and withdrawals. Important here that the minimum deposit is not set so high and you can also withdraw smaller amounts. Another point is whether there are any fees. Especially for a payout to the bank account do not take such good casinos fees. Of course, the whole process should go quickly, so I look closely at the deposit and withdrawal duration.

Finally, I pick out a method and make a test deposit, because theory and practice can sometimes differ greatly. If you are looking for a PayPal casino, I must disappoint you at the moment, the popular payment service is currently not available in Canada. Instead, more and more mobile phone payments are gaining ground. In an Apple Pay Casino or MuchBetter Casino you don’t need credit cards or e-wallets, you can pay directly with your smartphone via mobile phone bill. To check whether the payment methods in a casino are serious and good, I use below criteria.

What makes for good banking:

Deductions for the payment methods

Let’s move on to the penultimate point of my casino tests. In a moment, I’ll be talking about the best online casino customer service. I must admit, even after all these years, I still fall back on it from time to time. You just can’t know everything. Therefore, the quality is crucial, because at the latest at the authentication (KYC) when you want to pay out your winnings, you come into contact with him.

How good is the support in an online casino in Canada?

Of course it is important to know how to contact the support of the casino in case of questions and problems. The classic e-mail is moving more and more into the background. The current best way is the live chat. Here you have the advantage that the contact is fast and you can often send pictures or screenshots. But a good online casino offers more than one type of contact. Here you will find the most important facts about the individual support contact options:

From the table you can already filter out my most important criteria, which I look at closely when I undergo a test in Canadian online casinos. In addition to sufficient contact types, I always test the response time and ask a question through the different channels. It is important to me that there is a English support, because not everyone wants to communicate in English.

Apart from the friendliness and the support times offered, preferably 24/7, I am especially interested in the quality of the answers. Because at the end of the day it is crucial for good online casinos that you get a satisfying answer to your question. Here often separates the wheat from the chaff and with tricky questions, you get unfortunately all too often any answers, but not the actual question. So do not underestimate this point, because at some point you will be glad to have a top online casino with a good support in the backhand.

A good support:

Deduction of points for:

Let’s get straight to the last point of my extensive casino reviews. I know there are some, but it is after all about filtering out the best online casino in Canada. To be shortlisted there and to stand out from the crowd, a provider must have that certain something. What that can be, you will find out right away.

Other extras and features of the online casino

The points listed so far outline the online casinos already pretty well, however, here and there are some peculiarities that do not fall into these categories, but still should not fall under the table. One point that is very important in my opinion with online casinos are awards. If a casino provider has received awards at international industry events such as the largest iGaming fair in London (ICE Totally Gaming), then they stand out clearly from the mass of over 2000 Internet casinos.

Thus, such awards are always a quality feature, which should not be left unmentioned in an online casino comparison. Find providers who have been awarded several times to the best online casino of the year. Even one or the other provider seems to have a permanent subscription when it comes to winning awards.

Furthermore, I also look to see if the casinos have interesting promotions that stand out from other providers. In addition, exclusive game titles and especially large progressive jackpots also earn extra points and if there is a VIP program or the website has unique gimmicks, the provider can improve its overall rating a bit.

After this last point it is done, the test is finished. Now I summarize everything in a detailed test report and put it online for you. Since the world of the Internet is fast moving, it is a challenge to keep your online casino test always up to date. I do my best and work hard to constantly test new online casinos 2024 and add to my list. In the following sections, I would like to help those switching from the offline to the online casino world.

Who knows the gambling so far only from casinos or gambling houses in Canada and intends to play on the Internet, should know the essential differences between the offline and online casinos when switching. The comparison of both variants also shows the numerous advantages that the game on the Internet offers.

Right at the top of the list of advantages is the much larger online game offer, such as in a Microgaming Casino with over 800 games, which can also be tried out for free for the most part. In an internet casino you don’t have to limit yourself to the machines and table games set up, but can start one of the many different games of chance at any time. At the same time, all these online games are theoretically available in unlimited numbers, so if 10,000 players want to play the same machine at the same time, this is possible without any problems – here you don’t have to queue and wait until the desired game becomes available.

Land based casinos:

Online casinos:

In the next four sections, I will go into the most important differences in more detail so that you can make up your own mind whether an online casino or a casino is the better choice for you. In addition to the gaming options, I will look at specific target groups and compare the payout rates. This is also where legal restrictions for gaming libraries come into play. If you have so far only played in land based casinos, I recommend my little guide for a successful start in the world of online casinos.

Play for play money and real money in online casinos

Right at the beginning I would like to tell you one of the biggest advantages of Internet casinos. On the Internet you have the opportunity to test almost every game with play money. So you can get familiar with the game mechanics. In a gambling library or a casino such a thing does not go. Here it costs real money if you don’t know how to play at the beginning. You can, however, at any time in online casinos real money. This comparison goes clearly to the online casinos, because you have the choice here and can play with both play money and real money and have fun.

Best casino for low stakes and high roller limits

Players can also be roughly divided into two categories, low stakes players, who play with low stakes and high rollers, who juggle a lot of money in each round. Each of these groups has certain requirements for what they believe are the best online casinos.

A High Roller can feel comfortable in the ambiance of a casino,as he is sure to get the attention of his fellow players. The live casino is also the perfect place for High Rollers. At Evolution Gaming, for example, there is the exclusive Salon Prive, which is only reserved for players with high stakes. And at some roulette tables in a NetEnt casino you can bet up to 200.000 CAD. For such sums you’ll have to go to Monte Carlo, Macau or Las Vegas.

For low-stakes players, online casinos offer several advantages. You can play many of the games from just a few cents. With the jackpot slots you can even crack the million jackpot. Even if you can sometimes enter roulette in casinos from one euro, for many betting options are 5 CAD and more to invest. Blackjack usually also starts from this amount in land-based casinos. Online you can even play Blackjack against real dealers in the live casino, sometimes starting at 50 cents. So this round also goes to the Internet arcades.

Poor payout rates in brick-and-mortar casinos

We have already dealt with this topic in the test criteria. The gambling libraries offer you a much worse payout rate at the slot machines than the internet providers. This fact can you again in the section on the payout ratio in online casinos review happen.

But why is that so in arcades? Here you can not simply give a percentage value, because the devices are controlled so that they comply with the Canadian regulation on gaming equipment and other games with the possibility of winning. Here, the winnings after deduction of the stakes may not exceed 300 CAD per hour. At the same time, the stakes and the speed of play must be set in such a way that the losses (stakes minus winnings) amount to a maximum of 50 CAD.

In addition, after 3 hours of game operation, the game device must be put into hibernation mode for at least 5 minutes, the money bin must be emptied and all display elements must be set to a predefined initial state. This means that gaming halls are subject to a number of legal regulations that restrict the opportunities for us players to win. So it’s 3:0 for online casinos, which make it better to balance player protection and winning opportunities. This is also the final score and I hope to have objectively brought the fact closer that online casinos are the better option when you are faced with the decision whether you should go to an arcade or casino or rather make yourself comfortable on the living room couch.

Best online casino in Canada: FAQ

On the subject of online casino and the best Canadian casino providers reach me many questions. Many of you have no experience with gambling on the Internet or the meaning of some terms is not quite clear. Many questions I could already answer here, but you can of course ask me further questions.

Which are the best online casinos in Canada?

Through years of experience and after more than 100 very detailed test reports I have a comprehensive overview of the market and a sure eye for the small but fine differences between the individual casinos. Based on the overall rating from 10 different individual evaluations, I can say very precisely whether a casino is good or not. I have here not only the top 10 list of the best online casinos in Canada, this list is also updated monthly.

Which payment method is best suited for online casinos?

In principle, there are many payment options available and with all of them you can make payments quickly and easily. More important is: Which payment method do you have yourself? Because “the best payment method for online casinos” does not bring you much if you do not have it. Look therefore rather in this overview of the availability of your payment method at online casinos.

Which online casino suits me?

All my tests illuminate the casino providers from different perspectives. This not only results in the most comprehensive reports in Canada, it also gives you the opportunity to choose a casino according to your preferences. This can be certain games or a special payment method, in total I have set 10 criteria and tested providers. In each category I have presented the providers who have done particularly well, so you can easily find the best casino to suit your ideas.

How do safe online casinos differ from insecure providers?

The main difference is the valid gambling license. This not only stands for seriousness and the highest standards in handling the money and data of the players, but also guarantees the fairness of all casino games through transparency and control of the game results. Which licenses are valid and how you can easily find out, you can read in the section on security measures in online casinos.

How does the testing of the online casino looks like?

I take a lot of time to check a provider according to 10 pre-defined criteria in detail. Here you can view these test criteria and find out what I have paid particular attention to. The individual scores result in an overall score, which makes it easy to determine which providers have performed best.

Why are there different payout ratios at online casinos?

These differences in the monthly published payout odds are completely normal and reflect the variance of the game results. Depending on how successful players have been over the past month, the odds can vary by fractions of a percent. If you want to increase your own chances of winning, you can find out here which casinos and games have the highest odds.

How is the security in online casinos guaranteed?

The basis of security is the gambling license. An authority only issues a license to providers who meet certain minimum standards for safe and fair gaming. These include transparency, independent controls, protection of players from the risks of problematic gaming behaviour. Here I explain to you how you yourself can easily recognize secure online casinos.

Are online casinos better than local gaming halls and casinos?

In almost all respects online casinos have clear advantages over gambling houses and casinos. The huge difference in the payout ratios of slot machines alone, due to the change in the gaming regulations since 2014, makes it clear why it is much more attractive for Canadian players to play online. But the financial advantage is not the only decisive factor! Here you will find all the advantages and disadvantages of online casinos and you will see why it is much better to play online.

How can one be blocked in online casinos?

Quite simply: You contact the customer service, this activates immediately the block. This block can also be lifted again, but the process is a long one and should ensure that you can not continue to play without further ado. But the actual problems are far from being solved with the lockout! The Responsible Gaming page offers further help, free advice and a non-binding self-test.

What makes a good casino software?

On the one hand, security and stability and on the other hand, clarity and usability. In addition, the software should not only contain a large number of payment providers, but for the players, the integration of as many games from different providers as possible is ultimately decisive. In the section on online casino software, you will learn which game manufacturers should not be missing in any software.

What does KYC mean?

This abbreviation stands for “Know Your Customer” and means “Know your customer”. KYC stands for identity verification by the casino, because in the course of money laundering prevention, every provider of real money games is obliged to do so by the authorities. In addition, the age of majority and residence are checked (important for the legality of the games in different countries). The player is requested to provide proof of identity, which is usually sent to customer service as a copy of the identity card. This process is mandatory and cannot be skipped, but you can choose a provider where the KYC check is quick and easy.

Conclusion – many reputable online casino sites

The market looks very good for Canadian players. There is plenty of potential for the best online casinos from legal and reliable providers, who offer you many games and a mobile phone app as well as the most popular payment methods and a English-speaking customer service. The differences between the individual providers are sometimes quite large, but with the help of the tips from my online casino experience and the detailed comparison with my test criteria, you already have a good overview of the market and can choose the best online casino for you.

At the top of my page I have listed for you the current best online casinos in Canada. These top providers are test winners in individual categories. In the main reviews, which you can get by clicking on the logos, you can read exactly what advantages and disadvantages of the serious online casinos casino have. Check back from time to time to see if there has been any movement in this top list, because the competition is not asleep. Especially with the bonus slots offers and the game selection is a lot of movement in it. Here the providers try to outbid each other regularly, which can only be beneficial for the player. For you, this means more games and better bonuses.

Feel free to browse through my site. Over the years I have written many interesting articles on various topics, from which you can still learn a lot. This starts with strategies and tips for certain games and goes up to detailed test reports with rules for individual slot machines or even how to manipulate or trick slot machines. Then it only remains for me to wish you lots of fun and success with the games.

Top 10 online casinos – winners by category